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Berck Sur Mer 2012
7 t/m 16 april 2012
Poster Berck 2012 Saturday april14 2012, 10.00 in the morning Raking the wind garden for the big show Amazing new kite from the Shavit's !! Eli preparing the second new kite...
Again a piece of Art !! with a big "A".. Eli en Shula Shavit and their new masterpiece Say hi to "Los Hermanos" Pedro en Esteban Gonzáles... ..and one of their "Chinese Opera Mask" kites The men from AIR-4-CE and members of Holland Kite Team in training
Nice picture, ..watch the lines Mini and Maxi whale Yuu OOOeeehhhooeee,... Yo What..? Magnificent new "Pterodactylus" from Rolf Zimmerman.. ..Yep, it looks good...Needs a bit work on the bridles..
Come on little birdy.. eehh Pterodactylusy On the "DAD" wish list.. Colorful.. And more..from the Al Farsi Kite Team.. Bunch of lifters.
12:00 hr, it starts to get crowdy ...even on the Boulevard Nostalgia ...Need some glasses..?? Have a look at this.. (the fire extinguisher is to cool you off)
...and more of the Bas Vreeswijk creations.. wonderfull !! Or these..!:          www.playingwiththewind.nl The World Sport Kite Championship cup Full vent, mid vent,..what an E-vent..!! Waiting for the action
Straight into the wind Fireworks preparation.. Secured 16:45 hr, full house Ready for action
Good Show..!! Little devil..;-) New "DAD" Chameleon kites..!! C-U next year..! IMG_7646